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I use quality ingredients in all my cakes, and brand names that you know and trust. 

Flavor choices are limitless, and combinations can range from the classic yet elegant vanilla, sumptuous velvety chocolate, bright and refreshing lemon to any outrageous pairing you can think of.


Whatever your favorite flavor, it can come to life in cake.

All my cakes are made to order and range from a plain butter cream coating to elaborate hand made fondant embellishments, Pricing for all cakes is determined by the complexity of design and selection of finishes. 

Cupcakes, single tiers, topsy turvy, tiered, character, animal, novelty, whatever the event, it can complemented with the right design.

Bring me your ideas and and I'll work with you to bring your cake idea to life. 

Please contact me for pricing for any special dietary requests, such as organic, gluten free etc.

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